Accelerated learning and continuous development for in-house L&D teams

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What is the E-Campus community?

An exclusivist, "personal", active space

"Exclusivist" because it uses a selection process that favours teams interested in active participation: looking for solutions, eager to share their own questions and findings, case studies and examples.

"Personal" because we want this ecosystem to offer you more than just providing resources or general information on various topics. It is designed as a complement to our consulting and training services to better ensure their long-term continuity.

Who is it for?

An ecosystem dedicated to in-house L&D teams

An ecosystem of sharing, working and support dedicated to in-house Learning & Development teams in the companies we work with or those who simply want a partner for discussion and advice on the various challenges they experience.

Why do we encourage team rather than individual entries? Because, by participating with your colleagues, we will be able to address together*, in sessions dedicated to you, concrete problems you are facing.

* subject to a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed by us

What benefits does it offer you?

Types of activities and ways to get involved

As part of the E-Campus L&D community, your team will have access to all resources and activities mentioned below:

  • as participants: benefiting from the learning experiences, content and resources offered, the E-Campus team expertise and advice, examples and case studies from other teams in the community
  • as co-creators: writing articles, participating in panel discussions as guests, giving interviews, contributing to the development of resources and training programs


E-Campus articles, videos and interviews, curated content, templates & tools, case studies and member contributions, etc.


Webinars, panel discussions, networking sessions, ask an expert sessions with local and international guests.


Online sessions to practice working with different L&D methods and tools; groups from different member companies.


Relaxed in-person meetings organized in Bucharest for professional networking, sharing ideas and solutions.


Digital programs designed and developed together in different ownership and commercial use scenarios.


Dedicated analysis and consulting sessions for your team to work on real challenges in your organisation.

Having spent nearly two decades as a Learning Consultant, engaging with a variety of companies spanning multiple industries, I am eager to team up with E-Campus and play a role in establishing a community of practice tailored to the needs of internal L&D teams in Romania.


Petre Bica - Managing Partner @ The Learning Distillery, Luxembourg

Author of the successful programs "Instructional Video Design" & "Digital Learning Fundamentals"

                       International Consultant @ E-Campus, Romania

Access criteria

A carefully built community

Access to the E-Campus L&D Community and all related benefits mentioned above are free of charge but subject to a review and pre-approval process.

We focus on some useful criteria for community members to ensure optimal collaboration and learning dynamics:

  • proactivity: initiative, questioning and a mindset of experimentation and discovery; willingness to engage
  • openness: willingness to share non-confidential information and experiences with community members

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