Editable & embeddable 

online courses

Quality instructional content in Romanian ready to use in your company with the possibility to contextualise it to the specific needs of your different groups of learners.

How does this service work?


Identify an internal training need

Start with the outcome of your internal Training Needs Analysis process - skills gaps correlated to different performance gaps.


Import E-Campus editable content

Choose the right digital content for the training program you want to deliver internally to bridge identified competency gaps.


Customize it & integrate it into your program

Add company-specific elements to increase familiarity and impact: examples and case studies, interviews with colleagues, etc.

Step 1 

Identify an internal training need

Start with the outcome of your internal Training Needs Analysis process - skills gaps correlated to different performance gaps.

Step 2

Import E-Campus editable content

Choose the right digital content for the training program you want to deliver internally to bridge identified competency gaps.

Step 3

Customize it & integrate it into your programme

Add company-specific elements to increase familiarity and impact: examples & case studies, interviews with colleagues, etc.

How do editable online courses help you?

  • Increased working speed - develop and implement in-house training programs faster
  • Cost efficiency - easily obtaining a Custom program at the price of a Standard program
  • Increased impact - facilitated by the architectures our content recommends or enables
  • Flexibility - you can mix content in different learning paths tailored to your company's needs
  • Risk mitigation - you can use learning consultancy to design your program architectures

What does an editable online course contain?

The materials are intelligently designed and modular to allow for multiple usage scenarios. By keeping, editing, deleting different lessons and learning assets (exercises, quizzes, etc.) you can build shorter or longer programs, targeting broader objectives such as skills training or less ambitious ones such as awareness; you can address audiences with different levels of expertise and seniority.

Course digital materials: instructional videos, interactive content, formative and evaluative quizzes, examples and case studies, exercises, recommended practices for applying the knowledge, templates and tools. All these are arranged in easy-to-mix and use modular lessons (in Romanian).

Recommended instructions and architectures for using the modular content. Tips for mixing them with live online or classroom sessions, assistance from in-house trainers or coaches, and other elements. These instructions are provided in the form of ready-to-use video content, infographics and templates.

How can the service be contracted?

On an annual subscription basis per company. It allows you to use the digital modules within the company internal training programs in any deployment scenario you see fit. We invite you to have a discussion in order to provide you with a quotation and an implementation scenario adapted to your context.

Annual subscription

Starting at 1480 EUR + VAT / year / editable program for the whole company.

Assistance with utilization

Initial training in program editing, tutorials, suggested usage scenarios.

Continuous updates

New exercises, case studies, quizzes, assessments and resources added.

Technical requirements of the service

Hold an active Articulate 360 licence

The courses and learning content in editable format are made available to you via the Rise 360 e-learning authoring platform, part of the Articulate 360 suite of digital tools. We transfer them to your account, you will find them in the company's Rise library and you will be able to duplicate and edit them by simple drag & drops. You can then export them in SCORM format and upload them to your internal LMS system. The Articulate licence is purchased from the manufacturer and is not part of the E-Campus services.

How easy can you edit them?

Very. By simple double-click-edit or drag & drop. Intuitive, handy and flexible. The modularity of the content allows you to duplicate, reorder, modify different exercises, explanations and examples much like beads on a string. Here are the most common edits our customers make to their editable programs:

  • Editing or adding specific examples
  • Visual elements familiar to the company
  • Adding short internal video content
  • Adapting quizzes and assessments

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Examples of editable courses

  First Time Manager  

Course purpose: 

getting used to the new role and the required mindset, acquiring key knowledge & a common language, learning the main work processes.


employees who have recently taken on or are about to take on managerial responsibilities.

Implementation scenarios:

self-paced study supplemented by live sessions and individual support discussions.

  Sales - Trust the Process  

Course purpose: 

a novel and impactful approach to traditional sales training. Focus on understanding success and the importance of trusting the process.


sales representatives and other employees with related duties, regardless of their level of seniority.

Implementation scenarios:

self-paced study for familiarisation mixed with live sessions and skills coaching.

  Time & Tasks Management  

Course purpose: 

a modular kit of resources developed on the principle that streamlining our agenda is a team sport rather than an individual effort.


all company employees struggling with their workload & their agenda, no matter their functional area.

Implementation scenarios:

contextual use of the methods, in workflows or internal training programs.

  Learning How to Learn  

Course purpose: 

provides the prerequisites for scaling a meta-skill that underpins all other skills in this context of uncertainty and accelerated change.


all company employees no matter their functional area or role. 

Implementation scenarios:

completely by self-paced study or, for increased impact, mixed with live sessions and coaching.

  Informal Project Manager  

Course purpose: 

equipping employees who don't have a formal project manager role with a distilled mix of practices & tools to use in their projects.


employees who don't have extensive training on project management and who are assigned to smaller projects.

Implementation scenarios:

live sessions combined with real projects & team / individual support.

  The Accidental Trainer  

Course purpose: 

a program developed specifically for those who have to explain and educate, to convey complex messages but who are not trainers.


Managers, team coordinators, Subject Matter Experts (SME) & any employee who trains someone.

Implementation scenarios:

self-paced study with examples, team exercise & individual projects.


Do you want to try

an editable content?

We can provide you with a module of the editable Time & Tasks Management online course to try and experiment with. Write to us and we'll get back to you shortly for a brief discussion on adapting it to your IT infrastructure.

Dedicated events


How do you easily develop courses by using editable content?

Online | Free | 20 min | Introductory level

In this session we will go through the different editable programs and their architectures. We will visually exemplify the different scenarios of how content can be used within the company: how it can be used as such, what customizations can be made, how it can be mixed, rearranged and used together with other learning opportunities (online or classroom sessions, coaching, etc).

Frequently asked questions

Do we need technical training to be able to edit E-Campus content?

Absolutely not. The technical part is simple and intuitive. If you still feel the need for guidance or a good word, we are at your disposal in several ways: an initial session to get your team accustomed to the process and explicit tutorials in Romanian made by us for later reminders. We are also open to other ways, our ultimate goal is that the materials are useful to you and that you can increase the impact and effectiveness of your training activity.

Why subscription? Can't I also buy them from you with a single payment?

The subscription idea came to us following requests and feedback from customers like you. They wanted quality digital content for their companies at a fraction of the cost of custom e-learning programs. They were looking for solutions that would complement what they could do in-house on their own and that would provide them with not only content but also real support in using it. Of course, you can also buy the digital programs but the cost is considerably higher. If you'd like to discuss this scenario, drop us a line at

What does my annual subscription allow me to do with the content? What happens afterwards?

You can use them throughout the year within your company whenever you need them and in any of your deployment scenarios - customised and used as such or restructured and integrated into your company's programs, etc. Purchasing the annual subscription not only gives you the right to use the content but also instructions, recommendations, initial training, support and useful updates. After the contracted period has ended, you can renew or discontinue your use of E-Campus digital materials.

Can we use our customised E-Campus materials in our company's LMS?

Of course, it's very simple. You will easily edit it in Articulate Rise and then export the programs in the SCORM format supported by your LMS platform. You will be able to do this from your Articulate 360 account whenever you feel necessary. You can then develop multiple versions of your courses tailored to different functional areas.

Start with an orientation talk

Get a proposal for your specific context

If informations presented here or the experience of one of our events caught your interest, we invite you to have a calibration discussion to your specific context. There are several possible aspects and benefits of this service that we have saved for the "living word".